Acoustic Foam R&D
Acoustic Foam R&D

After a week of R&D, on how to create a relatively realistic looking foam texture (in both closeups and from a distance), i came up with this. Initially i wanted it to be procedural, but that did not pan out, as i had to bake it anyway if i wanted to use it as displacement in Octane.
For those wondering how i did the texture: its essentially a simulation in C4D of a massive amount of spheres with random diameters being dropped into a container. Once they have completely covered the bottom of the container, i put them into a volume mesher and cut the bottom slightly, exposing the inner structure. You can see the final result in the last image.
After that i just mapped that texture with a triplanar in Substance Painter, with a few different scale variations, to remove visible tiling. Essentially creating a smart material, which i then used on a variety of different acoustic panels that i made, to show off the texture on.😃
You can find all the panels neatly packaged on my store page.

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